Botox Spa in Vestavia Hills, AL

Prescription Aesthetic And Wellness Spa is a leading BOTOX spa in Vestavia Hills, AL, that can may be able to make you look younger. Our BOTOX therapy is intended to smooth out the wrinkles and lines around the eyes, mouth, and other areas of the face. Our detail-oriented approach allows us to pinpoint the areas of greatest concern in the effort of helping you enjoy optimum results. We’ll do our best to make everything look natural so that others won’t have to know about your cosmetic treatment.

We want you to feel completely comfortable during your time with us, so we’ll go to great lengths to make sure we properly tend to all your needs. You can feel even more assured by:

  • Our ability to work around even busy schedules
  • The quick responses we give to questions

If you’d like to receive treatment in a reputable BOTOX spa in Vestavia Hills, Prescription Aesthetic And Wellness Spa is likely your best choice. Call today to make an appointment.


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